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Fund Raising Through Fun

Circus Stella is an east coast traveling circus featuring incredible human skills and trained rescue dogs! We help organizations create spectacular events that draw crowds, raise funds, and build altruistic communities.

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Pop-up Venue Seats over 200

Amazing Trained Rescue Dogs

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Circus Stell Client
Circus Stell Client
Circus Stell Client
Circus Stell Client
Circus Stell Client
Circus Stell Client

Jana and Dextre are great entertainers in their own right, but adding their rescue dogs to the show? Brilliant!

Ron Struempf, Georgia Heartland Humane Society

Circus Stell How easy

How Easy It Is

We have fundraising circus down to a science. If a non-profit organization provides us with a few things, we take care of the rest. You provide...

  1. a good cause if your organization is doing something positive for people or animals, you probably qualify.
  2. the space we need a lot with solid flat ground (grass or gravel) that's at least 100' x 100'.
  3. facilities we need restrooms (portable or otherwise) so that the crowd is cared for.
  4. your neighbors we will help where we can, but this is your chance to bring in all the people in your circles to the circus.

There are really no other major requirements. We split the funds raised. Contact us now (612) 770-0451

A Show full of WONDER

Circus Stella features balance artist Dextre Tripp and his wife, aerialist Jana Colgin.

Together with their five rescued dogs, they put on a comedy filled, family friendly, acrobatic stunt show in their gorgeous one-ring circus stage.

I'm intrigued. I want to see more!

Howie Mandel